Discussion in 'Server Related Questions' started by ryaanlaad, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. ryaanlaad New Member

    hey guys I was just wondering is there any other ways of earning money without farming ? thanks
  2. Absolum Member

    If you're effective at raiding you can make money. The unfortunate thing is you will most likely need Donator or above in order to Auction anything.
  3. rabidgoat17 Active Member

    Scamming (i do not recommend), auctioning, selling things to the shop, getting people to pay you, rank money, donating for money.
  4. ryaanlaad New Member

    thanks but how do people give you money ? and whats rank money ? aha thanks
  5. rabidgoat17 Active Member

    /pay (player) (ammount) and rank money is money you get when you buy say donator you get 10k and when you buy warrior you get 20k or 25k i cant remember.
  6. ryaanlaad New Member

    thankyou soo much, and hahaha I was watching your vids yesterday man I swear ! best vids definitely will subsribe
  7. rabidgoat17 Active Member

    Thanks heaps bro! :D
  8. sumudu Moderator

    Farming isn`t that hard mate, u only need a small one to start with and if u are a regular player it adds up pretty fast.
  9. Broseidon_IV New Member

    A good was to make money is enchanting things and auctioning them but that's pretty much out of the question since spawners are disabled :/

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