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MF Chatroom [185]
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Tape_City 1000Famous
Sun at 13:54
U and holding
Sun at 13:54
whats in it
Sun at 15:24
Sun at 15:24
Sun at 16:40
Tape_City 1000Famous
Sun at 16:41
hello jleviste and toomek
Sun at 16:54
errow tape :sick:
Mon at 10:18
Mon at 13:56
Mon at 23:24
beep bop boop :sick:
Tue at 2:35
tape check your inbox
Tue at 2:36
check the chat i sent you*
Tue at 2:41
if you are reading this let grecko know that can he own my plot for 8 days
Tue at 3:32
nvm this msg ^ jamie did it already <3
Tue at 3:32
gn guys
Tue at 21:26
Staff!--> I recently emailed you, and since i applied for staff, i wanted to help, i was reading in the 'Mnefrenzy book. and i found a spelling mistake
Tue at 22:56
Tue at 23:50
The gay staff should all be demoted besides HATHCOAST i keep getting muted for being scammed asking for help and im trying to talk other ways but then they ban me WTF
Tue at 23:51
so Haydz restart ur staff the peeps u have now r badd
IamVVELSH Staff250Posts
Wed at 0:10
Wed at 1:12
hey any staff on?
Wed at 2:33
gn guys
Wed at 10:30
hey all
Wed at 14:26
Them staff doe
Wed at 16:57
The staff have there reasons, create a forum thread and make a complaint, don't spam about it in the chat
Wed at 22:54
If their is a staff on UNBAN ME PLEASE I have waited 2 days to play again and I was ban for ONE.
Wed at 22:55
Have you completed and posted a ban appeal?
Thu at 0:38
Thu at 0:38
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