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MF Chatroom [323]
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Thu at 1:36
i think mojang set them down
Thu at 1:36
Thu at 1:36
Thu at 2:15
Thu at 2:45
nooooo why the cheese ball would they do that???!?!??
TardisGirl02 500Famous
Thu at 4:47
Dear Minecraft, please stop going down ;-;
Thu at 20:24
Fri at 20:38
Fri at 20:38
i thought u quit
Fri at 20:39
Sat at 0:02
Sat at 19:26
Can some admin come on prison i need help
Sat at 23:18
NO SOZ jk xD
Mon at 14:47
Mon at 22:52
y do we hav staff members that r only 13 years old?
Tue at 0:02
Dawn for admin I think drug craft should have its own separate staff than the rest of the server because our staff are on all the time there's no point to have staff that are never on
dawn9998 Staff
Tue at 1:05
lel im probs never gunna be admin cx
Tue at 1:28
Ya well drug is in need of new admin or u for mod+
Tue at 1:43
dawn9998 Staff
Tue at 6:12
mod + isnt a thing anymore it goes helper, mod, admin
Tue at 7:19
Dawn should be demoted
Tue at 13:48
It's not a thing on this server but I still see it on dig servers
Tue at 13:50
not saying any names but we do hav 13 yeaar old staff
Tue at 14:25
"Caugh caugh". Dawn9998 "caugh caugh" ^
16 hours ago
Should be 15+ to be staff
15 hours ago
yes you do
15 hours ago
i think
15 hours ago
i hope
15 hours ago
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