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MF Chatroom [83]
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Tue at 0:17
broken take pictures of the whole chat
Tue at 0:28
everybody listen up blauk_grills is a hacker he uses aimbot and a hacked client he admited it on a skype call with zombfriegoldfish
Tue at 1:05
Give proof pls :d
Tue at 1:06
i wish i could but zombfrie has no recording software
Tue at 1:22
Just take pictures :-)
Tue at 1:23
pics are all you need. Use something to take pictures with. I recommend gyazo. It's a free download.
Tue at 1:23
Tue at 1:23
Tue at 6:46
Tue at 20:07
Vision thinks i hack -_-
Tue at 20:07
haydz can u add me on skype?
Tue at 23:27
i have proof that BLAUWK_GRILLS hax any mods contact me urgent
Tue at 23:35
Tue at 23:35
i have photo evidence
Wed at 1:03
i need a mod im reporting a hacker
Wed at 1:46
Bro post the proof under ban / unban requests. I'm sure they will look
Wed at 1:46
agreed post it under the ban/unban section for the server (pvp, prison, etc)
Wed at 1:55
ok i posted the proof of BLAUWK_GRILLS hacking in ban and unban section
Wed at 5:25
Alot of hacked clients are covered by 5 zig, just saying.
15 hours ago
14 hours ago
Server timed out?
8 hours ago
guise, my laptop broke on me. ;-;
8 hours ago
aww ;n;
8 hours ago
i had to manually force reset bc it wouldnt start up at all.
7 hours ago
aww ;n;
7 hours ago
hey :D
6 hours ago
.-. my hard drive js bad apparently. my bros taking care of the issue.
3 hours ago
Anyone have youtuber rank yet?
1 hour ago
Jaybull does :)
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