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MF Chatroom [992]
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Jul 17, 16
Jul 17, 16
Jul 17, 16
Jul 17, 16
does that doranmagic kid play mf now
Jul 17, 16
Jul 17, 16
o ya he does
Jul 19, 16
Uhhhhh wtf when is fact coming back online?
Jul 19, 16
Jul 19, 16
this server kamikazed itsellf
Jul 19, 16
Jul 20, 16
anyone on? its so lonely on mf
Jul 20, 16
Intro for gaup
Jul 21, 16
hey guys do take a look at my recent post and please put a nice response thanks.
Jul 21, 16
can a staff look at my Mute Appeal?
Jul 22, 16
LOL staff removed my messages about how Mark isnt doing jack
Jul 22, 16
Hey Mark, you know it's true.
Jul 22, 16
I won't be surprised if you deleted these messages aswell
Sun at 5:06
i cant find any spawners on drug craft T_T gonna take me a long time
Sun at 5:24
Sun at 5:24
find 2
Sun at 5:24
Sun at 5:32
i cant change it and im a capo
Sun at 21:36
Mon at 17:51
Wed at 14:05
Sub for more give away's on faction's https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCum9MeiBSYx8nXMQkd9ygAw
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