Hey Everyone!

I'm happy to finally be making this announcement, and I'm sure most of you are as well.

I've been talking with a few players in-game and they couldn't be happier :)

As most of you know I also own a server known as Radiant-MC (www.Radiant-MC.net), which is a brand new network that opened up in May of this year. When HaydzCraft closed, Radiant-MC was born and is now the new "HaydzCraft" if you will. When we first opened Radiant, we transferred all ranks from HaydzCraft over to the new network. And we are doing the same again here with MineFrenzy. Haydz has also decided to come back to recording Minecraft, and will be recording on Radiant-MC.

MineFrenzy will be mergeing with the Radiant-MC Network.

This being said, I know you all have a ton of questions! Here are some I figured most of you would ask.

Do we get our ranks?

Yes, you will be getting an equivalent rank on Radiant-MC.

What if we purchased morphs, pickaxes and other in-game items such as cratekeys?

These will not be transferring, only Ranks.

What if we had a rank on a server that Radiant-MC doesn't currently have?

If you had a rank on drug for example, and Radiant-MC doesn't have drug, you won't get your rank on any other server. If we open up a drug server, then your rank will transfer etc.

What servers does Radiant-MC have?

Factions, Creative, SkyBlock, Event.

Prison (Opening soon), KitPvP (Opening soon), and we may consider a Drug server as well.

If you have any questions, please leave them below.

Radiant-MC IP & Website:

Hub.Radiant-MC.Net | www.Radiant-MC.net 

Join our website for updates on everything! Don't just login, make sure to click 'Join Website' (Login with Enjin)

If you have any suggestions for what you all want added to the new network, please comment them below.

We are open to everyones ideas.

Thanks Everyone! - IceNinja

If you have any questions, ask below, pm me, or comment on one of my videos!

Also be sure to follow us on twitter for updates as well: @Radiant_MC

Stay updated here : My YouTube | Click Me For Updated Information!

Markoodle is not a part of Radiant or MineFrenzy anymore, and has become busy with IRL matters and has moved on to bigger and better things :) If you see him around, say hey!

Sadly this does mean MineFrenzy will be becoming Radiant-MC, but it has had a good run, same with HaydzCraft, we shall continue the legacy of the community and the server on Radiant-MC. <3

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ParamediqialYT When will i be geeting my rank b4 the reset my ign is Paramediqial i was a warrior
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