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MF Chatroom [535]
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Sat at 17:52
i made a donate chest at the bottom
Sat at 17:52
cool, ill drop them in there
Sat at 17:53
can you drop some armor to?
Sat at 17:57
thanks markoodle <3
Sat at 18:09
Sat at 18:09
your a good ower <3 keep up the work
Sat at 19:03
gg i got rank pv and loot keys
Sat at 22:42
Sat at 22:43
Sat at 22:44
markoodle doesnt wanna open crates with me
Sat at 22:44
i love this prison server im always on it keep up the good work mark :thumb:
Sat at 22:45
i guess its time to sell keys in ah
Sat at 22:46
selling Teal50's head for 30MIll
Sat at 22:46
not worth
Sat at 22:47
how much does her head cost cuz i donts know
Sat at 22:47
probably about 5 million
Sat at 22:47
K will do
Sat at 22:47
Sat at 22:48
nice price if i had money i would buy it
Sat at 22:48
Sat at 22:49
well there goes thoses keys lol
Sat at 23:36
hwy Markoodel :d
Sat at 23:36
My Spelling isn't the best today.
Sat at 23:37
Sun at 0:15
i have to restart minecraft i had lag issussyes
Sun at 0:15
they wanna kill me at /warp pvpmine <3
Sun at 1:07
hi MF chatroom
Sun at 1:08
Sun at 1:21
xro_pvp are u going to add him lol
Sun at 5:15
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