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MF Chatroom [227]
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Apr 27, 15
Apr 27, 15
Tue at 16:51
why can't i go on kitpvp? :sick:
Tape_City 1000Famous
Tue at 16:51
kit pvp was never set up
Tape_City 1000Famous
Tue at 16:51
idk why
Tue at 16:51
Tape_City 1000Famous
Tue at 16:51
sorry to burst your bubble there but i want kit pvp
Tape_City 1000Famous
Tue at 16:52
why not post a request on the forums for kit pvp to be set up?
Tue at 16:52
Tape_City 1000Famous
Tue at 16:53
go to general discussion and make a new thread
Tue at 16:54
Tape_City 1000Famous
Tue at 16:54
one sec...
Tape_City 1000Famous
Tue at 16:54
http://www.minefrenzy.com/forum/m/24658309/viewforum/4612859 go there then clivk on the make a new thread button
Tue at 16:57
i cant find it
Tape_City 1000Famous
Tue at 16:58
its A blue button marked New Thread
Tue at 19:21
I had the same problem, over there < you need to click "join website" then it appears
Tue at 22:34
Wed at 13:02
im stuck in one of those nether portal traps can a mod tp me out
Wed at 13:02
since there not allowed
Hathcoast24 Admin
Thu at 13:00
give me the coords silent
Thu at 23:33
Thu at 23:33
Please read my Requesting for Tehzer to be banned post i really think he should be banned for hacking.
Fri at 19:18
Sat at 4:01
Sat at 4:01
Sat at 9:32
Sun at 9:21
what is the ip again
Sun at 19:26
why isnt the drugs server on
20 hours ago
can u get on speed?
11 hours ago
love MineFrenzy :sick:
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