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MF Chatroom [865]
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Jun 11, 16
How about we smash that factions this weekend? Maybe?
Jun 11, 16
Jun 13, 16
hey how do i get whitelisted on the faction server?
Jun 13, 16
What update does the server run on
Jun 14, 16
whitelist is for staff only rn :)
Jun 14, 16
still setting up server!
Jun 14, 16
Jun 15, 16
is the factions map going to be the last? and how big is the border gonna be?
Jun 15, 16
map is not the last map? xdd
Jun 15, 16
release is not friday
Jun 15, 16
border will be released soon w/other information :)
Jun 15, 16
Jun 16, 16
Jun 16, 16
Jun 17, 16
rawr...? :/
Jun 17, 16
Jun 17, 16
Jun 17, 16
ljjkhgdrtcv vu8cc vc7
Sat at 14:49
Wed at 16:27
Markoodle, when do you think factions is going to be out??
Wed at 16:27
still no confirmed date yet, we want it to be done right
Wed at 19:04
markoodle #MakeMfSwearAgain
Wed at 21:27
Thu at 3:54
Thu at 13:12
Anyone have the slighest idea on the date for creative's comeback? just thought i'd ask
Thu at 14:00
Not a current project out for realise I think
Thu at 15:13
It's probably a question asked loads but does anyone have an idea on when factions will be ready?
24 hours ago
still no confirmed date yet, they want it to be done right
23 hours ago
Scroll up Sword_Fish
9 hours ago
oh ok, thanks
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