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MF Chatroom [250]
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Tue at 1:53
Tue at 1:53
This is bs
Tue at 1:59
My ban was over in 12 days so i change my name and get banned...
Tue at 4:12
Tue at 14:38
wazzup peeps
Tue at 20:02
Tue at 20:02
I want a answer
Tue at 20:03
Why am i ban hammered when my ban was over in 12 days?
Tue at 20:03
i just changed my name to bosnianpvp
Tue at 20:03
so i get banned?
Tue at 20:03
Thats not cool.
Wed at 5:52
name change doesnt make you unbanned why would it?
Wed at 6:21
Wed at 14:29
bosnain The UUD thing is fixed. if you are concerned about your place in the MF comunity email haydz direct.
Wed at 20:26
pancakenugget say to me the F word and the B word
Wed at 20:27
Wed at 20:27
Wed at 20:28
nvm the up thing
Wed at 20:28
Wed at 20:28
nvm again
Wed at 21:57
Lol Anyone See Dis?
Thu at 1:23
24 hours ago
24 hours ago
Don't pvp furious flame the moderator, he will ban you for "hacks" if you hit him
24 hours ago
He is so stupid, he hit me with a potion bottle and i had an iron sword
24 hours ago
then claimed i hacked...
24 hours ago
wtf is his problem?
24 hours ago
he should banm himself
24 hours ago
13 hours ago
I'm not sure on how to add a post so Could someone tell me how to. I lost my rank on prison due to changing of name
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megatron162003I was silenced for no reason I want to e un silenced
euanh80   created a new thread More abusive language... in the Bans/Unbans (PvP) forum
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BeargrillskillsBosnain The UUD thing is fixed. if you are concerned about your place in the MF comunity email haydz direct.
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